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Asia has captured the attention of the world in recent years for many reasons. Economically many Asian countries have become key contributors to the global economy. In 2014, China became the number one consumer of luxury goods in the entire world. Much of the tech we use in our pockets, briefcases and purses comes from factories in Asia.

In addition to these things, the interest in the Gospel has exploded in Asia. Last year a movement of house church leaders known as Grace to City hosted an event in Hong Kong where Dr. Tim Keller spoke. Over 2000 were in attendance with 3/4 of the attendees coming from the mainland. This event was one such example of how our ministry has connected with local pastors and other leaders in the church. Through leadership training of many kinds including formal theological education, we are engaging the local church to help in the growth and maturity of the local body of Christ here in East Asia.

In addition to the 20+ years of ministry with Chinese students, this year marks our 5th year with MTW here in East Asia. We are part of an urban-oriented, church-focused ministry. We live in a city of 14 million with our 3 children, Ethan, Micah and Ciana.

Updated May 2015

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