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Sharon Holland serves as the DC Metro Regional Director for YoungLives. YoungLives is a unique cutting-edge Christian non-profit organization designed to equip/empower teen moms and pregnant girls age 12-21 to become productive citizens. They provide teen girls in crisis with timely encouragement, guidance and ongoing support. The girls are offered HOPE!

YoungLives introduces teen moms to Jesus Christ and helps them grow in their faith; gives teen moms hope for their future and relief from the isolation and struggle of their daily lives; provides a safe place for teen moms to come together, build friendships, address hard issues and experience God's love. YoungLives is about loving teen moms in the midst of the circumstances they're in--- no matter what they are.

Vision of YoungLives: To enlist community volunteers, partners, and donors who care about young moms enough to give them hope by mentoring, by training, and by supporting them; help young moms bridge the gap between their broken dreams and their new vision; and guide young moms as they create a "new" roadmap for their life. According to statistics, teenage girls become pregnant every day in DC. More than one million teenage girls in the United States become pregnant every year, and approximately 500,000 of them become young mothers. This makes YoungLives' mission field one that is ripe for harvest. YoungLives believes they have an incredible opportunity to have a generational impact not only on the lives of teen girls facing the challenges of parenthood, but on their children as well.

There are teen moms in our backyard who are desperate for love to walk into their cafeterias, their doctor's appointments, their homes... their lives. YoungLives is doing just that and changing generations. We are reaching out to young women who have never experienced the real love of Christ. We come alongside to help them discover who they were created to be. God has an exciting plan for their future! YoungLives needs your help to bring that hope into their lives.

YoungLives runs heart first into the chaos of teenage parenthood wiht the hope of Jesus. Join us in carrying this hope to teen moms and their children. Your investment will yield an eternal return as generations are changed. Invest in change. Invest in hope. Invest in YoungLives.

YoungLives is a relational ministry that allows mentors to come alongside teen moms and their babies to offer acceptance, counsel, friendship, hope and love. The teens they reach live in the metropolitan Washington, DC area. The short-term goals include committee establishment, recruitment of teen moms and mentors, and establishing church partnerships. The long-term goals include expanding outside the DC area to Maryland and Northern Virginia, establishing YoungLives chapters in these areas. Many volunteer opportunities available to SERVE these teen moms which includes mentoring, childcare, committee, grant writer, donor and much, much more.

Updated March 2012



Phone: 571-276-0401

Liaison: Beverly Capone

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