satoshi & cally kawachi

mission to the world

quebec, canada

Satoshi and Cally serve as the first MTW missionaries to Southeastern France and facilitate Gospel-centered church-planting movements in challenging neighborhoods, by building relationships, training potential leaders, networking with and recruiting additional workers and church-planters. They are reaching out primarily to the 2nd and 3rd generations of immigrants from North Africa and West Africa.

Satoshi and Cally met in Japan and married in 1995. They later joined MTW and studied French at Laval University in Quebec. Then, Satoshi led launching the West African Theological Institute and helped with administration and teaching. Recently, serving as pastor of a Reformed church in Quebec, he preached weekly in French for 4 years. 

After leaving a career in engineering, Satoshi completed his Master of Theology in Old Testament from Westminster Theological Seminary and was ordained in the PCA in 2002.

Cally, at 8, was baptized and dreaming of missions. While teaching ESL in Japan on the JET Program and then as an ESL Teacher missionary near Kobe, her faith and commitment to missions were confirmed. With a BBA in International Business from JMU, she’s completing her M.Ed. in TESOL from George Mason University. She loves mentoring moms and teens through Bible studies, ESL and Art coaching.  Suzi and Sophi are both 3rd year Biology majors and Art minors at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, VA, which is also Cally’s alma mater.

Updated March 2019


Liaison: Lee Beckham

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