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Sanctity of Life Ministries exists to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ and affirm life in the womb. We fulfill our mission by offering compassionate support, education and medical services to those who face challenging sexual health decisions.

Services provided: pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, medical consultations, prenatal education, peer counseling, individual post abortion counseling as well as a post abortion recovery bible study, and parenting classes through our Earn While You Learn Program. We have two medical clinics that offer free and confidential counseling and services within a compassionate setting. Three registered nurses, who are trained sonographers, serve on our staff as well as a medical director who is an ob-gyn at Fair Oaks Hospital and a medical adviser/ physician, from Fort Belvoir Community Hospital.

Counseling is offered by staff and volunteer counselors who have undergone appropriate counselor training. Designed to be a help and support, the guidance is not intended to be a substitute for professional counseling. Referrals for professional counseling as well as other services are provided as needed.

SLM is a 501-c(3) non-profit organization and receives its financial support exclusively from private donors and churches.

APC member, Margery Williams, is the Chief Executive Officer of Sanctity of Life Ministries and oversees the mission outreach of Nova Pregnancy Help Centers, two medical clinics in Alexandria and Fairfax.

Updated March 2018


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Phone: 703-780-4700 (Alexandria) and 703-278-5433 (Fairfax)

Liaison: Susan Brockhaus

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