roberto maureira

el renuevo presbyterian church

asuncion, paraguay

Pastor Roberto Maureira was installed at El Renuevo Church in 2007. Pastor Maureira, a Chilean, had early training by veteran missionaries Mary and Walter Cross and then went on to graduate from John Calvin Seminary in Chile. Prior to accepting the call to become Pastor of El Renuevo Church, Pastor Maureira was a professor at the Korean Presbyterian Seminary in Asuncion.

El Renuevo, located in the city of Luque near the nation's capital, Asuncion, has planted three daughter churches, Barrio Parque, Mariano Roque Alonso, and Marin-Kaavy. The latter two congregations meet in a field and the goal is to purchase land and build a church building in the same fashion as El Renuevo and Barrio Parque. In addition to pastoring the flock of El Renuevo, Pastor Maureira spends much of his time training future leaders, developing teams for evangelism, and working with a Christian school which is housed in the church building at El Renuevo. The Christian School's headmaster is an elder of El Renuevo Church.

Roberto is married to Angela and has two grown children. The Maureira's son, Carlos, who lives in Asuncion and is active at El Renuevo, is studying marketing, while their daughter, Suan, resides in Spain.

Pastor Maureira faithfully applies his experience on behalf of the Lord's people in Paraguay as he seeks to advance the Kingdom of God in that country.

Updated September 2015

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Liaison: Pastor Acevedo, Nick Nagy & Eleanor Nagy

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