leslie t. bridge

CRu leadership development team

regional training director

Long-time APC member Leslie Bridge has been serving with Cru since 1979. “As a Physical Education major in college, one of my dreams has always been to be a coach. I never imagined so much of what I would be doing would be coaching others in the spiritual dimension of life and how this influences every area of life. I have had the privilege of sharing the Gospel message with thousands of students, trusting God to capture their hearts, transform their lives and send them into a life-long adventure with Jesus.”

Over the years, Leslie has served in a variety of campus settings, in rural areas, in urban areas and metro settings, most recently launching new movements in regions like Tidewater, Virginia and the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania, before a team moves into the area. Her assignments have been in New England, in Western PA, and in the DC area. “With the heart of a coach, I desire to see people be the best they can be and succeed at what God has called them to do.”

In light of her experiences, it is not surprising that God has now called her to a role that will have a great impact in our region. As the Regional Training Director she oversees the training of all new staff, interns and part-time staff in the Mid-Atlantic Region. Leslie primarily focuses on the coaching, training and equipping those who implement the training on each campus. She offers care, encouragement, prayer, coaching and training in to those who are developing the next generation of leaders.

Updated May 2015

Email: leslie.bridge@cru.org

Website: www.ccci.org

Phone: 703-538-2594

Liaison: Lynn Streett

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