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non-resident medical missionary

Doreen Mar has worked with MTW since 2001 as a Medical Associate, also known as a “long-term non-resident medical missionary” leading short-term medical mission trips that go all over the world. Often in remote areas, these medical teams provide mercy ministry through medical care, outreach, and encouraging and supporting the local reformed churches in their planting efforts. They have traveled with various teams to Myanmar, Bangladesh, Haiti, Belize, Peru, Kenya, Ethiopia, the Philippines, Cambodia, and West Africa as well as more politically and religiously sensitive areas. Doreen's travel companions include an extensive medical bag, experienced and non-experienced volunteers, bags of balloons for entertaining patients old and young, and physical and spiritual medicine with many prayers.

Doreen is a Board-Certifed physician in Internal Medicine, trained in Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, and has worked in emergency medicine for over 25 years. She has directed her extraordinary energy toward journeys which may be too arduous or lengthy for others willing to participate in short-term medical missions trips. When she's not overseas leading a medical mission trip, she's working at Kaiser Permanente.

As a young woman of 12 years, Doreen felt called to be a missionary, having made a profession of faith four years earlier. She went to medical school with the idea of serving as a long-term medical missionary. God used a short-term trip to Papua New Guinea in 1993, to affirm her calling. She would be quite interested in having APC members join her on these medical missions.

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