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Reach Beyond, the first missionary broadcast organization, began its legacy of faithful ministry in 1931. Throughout our history, the mission has continually expanded into new areas of ministry, taking advantage of new technologies and using the vision, passion and talents of our international staff.

There is no way that our founders could have foreseen in 1931, how a tiny 200 watt radio station, broadcasting to just 6 radios, would expand into the truly global ministry that HCJB Global and our partners have today. While the methods and ministries have changed, our purpose has not. Reach Beyond was created to Herald Christ Jesus' Blessings, to tell the world who Jesus is, why He came to earth, and share the eternal hope that can only be found through Him. Today we partner with Christians in media and healthcare to bring the “Voice and Hands of Jesus” to the unreached peoples.

Today the “Voice of Jesus” is being heard around the world via media technology. God has brought Reach Beyond together with partner ministries to plant nearly 400 Christian radio stations in more than 100 countries. We are reaching more than 1.5 million listeners in the Arab World on a weekly basis. Reach Beyond serves as the “Hands of Jesus” through our hospitals, clinics, community development and emergency medical response teams. Our medical work began in 1950 with the first medical clinic in Ecuador and today has a global presence.

Dick and Pat Jacquin, Donor Reps for the Southeast and Special Project Coordinators, as well as Consultant for Missionary Partnership Development, are APC's contacts for Reach Beyond.

Updated May 2015

Email: pjacquin@reachbeyond.org

Phone: 719-650-9608 (Dick)

Liaison: Lynn Streett

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