carrie olson brown

young life international

northern virginia

Carrie serves as the Divisional Training Coordinator with Young Life International Northern Division. Her primary focus is to ensuring that each staff person is well equipped and trained to reach kids in their communities so that teens would hear about Christ and have an opportunity to respond to Him. Along with 6 other Coordinators and the Vice President for training, she sets the training standards and coordinates training events for YL leaders, including those held for interns and staff around the world, particularly in the Northern Hemisphere, Europe, including Eastern Europe, China, and the Caribbean.

Carrie’s current focus is keeping pace with the growth that is occurring in this region ensuring the ministry maintains a high standards of staff training. The desire is to provide excellent professional-level training and seminary education to those with many different cultures, languages and economic backgrounds.

Carrie herself made a commitment to follow Christ when she participated in a Young Life camp while in high school. She has served with Young Life since 1994. APC Members Carrie and Matt Brown are the proud parents of Amelia (Millie) who was born in 2007.

Updated May 2015

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Phone: 571-201-9885

Liaison: Dorothy Douglas Taft

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