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Meditation: In summers past, we have offered ideas for books to read in community.  This summer, we offer something a bit different.  Twice monthly we will be sending you meditations on the theme Come and Feast.  We had hoped to explore this invitation during our time together at the retreat.  Though our retreat was overcome by events, the theme of feasting on Christ and all He has done, remains immanently relevant.  We hope you will take some time, perhaps with a group of friends, to revel in what it means to feast on being God’s daughter.  

Come and Feast

Feasting on a God who Is

Feasting on the Righteousness of God

Feasting on Community

Feasting on Hope

Save the Date!  We are excited to invite you to a virtual evening with Kristi Mclelland on Friday, October 23rd.  Kristi is the author of Jesus and Women in the First Century and Now, a new Bible study from Lifeway. Come and feast on the Lord’s heart for you, Daughters!  I have been so incredibly refreshed through this study this summer and am thrilled that Kristi will be able to come and share with us!  More details will follow.  For your information, we’ve included a link to the study below:

The Thursday study has moved its time to 1-2:15 PM, beginning September 17th. We will meet weekly, as usual. Our prayer is that this will allow the most women the opportunity to join us, whether schooling kiddos at home, or caring for toddlers who would otherwise be in the nursery, or because your work schedule has become more flexible. 
We will be studying Jen Wilkin’s In His Image. This study focuses our attention on the attributes of God that He has chosen to share with us; attributes such as love, goodness, holiness, faithfulness, etc. Growing in our understanding that everyone we meet, no matter their background, culture, life experiences, or beliefs, has been made in God’s image, and reflects His character in some way, is so relevant in today’s world. Though the image is marred by sin and unbelief, it is there nonetheless.  It will do our hearts good to soak in this beautiful truth.  Please contact Lynn Streett at if you are interested.  She will need your email address in order to send you a Zoom link.  

A Thursday evening study will also be offered this semester.  It will meet weekly from 8-9:15PM beginning on Thursday, September 17th
We will be studying In His Image by Jen Wilkin in conjunction with the Thursday daytime study.  Please contact Lynn Streett at if you are interested.  Lynn will need your email address in order to send you a Zoom link.

The Friday study will continue in the book of John, beginning September 11 at 9:55 a.m. and meeting every other week. 
Let Jesus fill your empty heart as we seek Him together!  We will study closely Jesus arrest, trial, death, and resurrection from September to November using John 18-21.  Then we will transition to a new 8-week study, God Does His Best Work with Empty, written by Nancy Guthrie. Please email Ruth Fisher at or text 703-772-2733 to let her know that you plan to “come”!  She will need to send you a Zoom invite.


The Refresh Community is designed to provide APC moms with an opportunity to meet and draw encouragement from each other in our journeys to glorify God in motherhood. During this COVID season, our fall plan includes a variety of opportunities to gather virtually or in-person for conversation. Please contact Jackie McCauley if you desire to be part of the email list for up-to-date information on these offerings. She can be reached at