Dear APC Family,
Many of you have reached out with questions about when we might return to in-person worship together and what worship might look like when we do.  The Elders of APC, on whose behalf I write, have been considering and discussing these issues, most recently at our Session meeting this past Saturday.  While we are thankful that modern technology provides the ability to worship remotely and to come together in fellowship over Zoom, we recognize that a video screen is an inadequate substitute for in-person meeting.  In short, we miss being together with you all.  
At the same time, we must balance our desire to resume in-person gatherings with the imperative to be protective of the physical health of our church family.  To that end, the Elders have been praying for wisdom and guidance, monitoring COVID-19 trends in our area, reviewing the latest guidance from public health professionals, and consulting with leaders of similarly-situated churches.  Our conclusion, for now, is that we are not yet at a point where it is safe to resume in-person worship activities and we are as-yet uncertain of when resumption of in-person worship will be appropriate.  We will revisit that decision at our next Session meeting in early June and will keep the congregation apprised of our thinking as it develops.
When we do resume in-person worship, it will likely look quite different in the short to medium-term relative to our traditional worship experience, as we will need to take precautions to protect our mutual health.  These precautions will likely include some combination of social distancing within the sanctuary, masks, and more widely-staggered worship times relative to Del Ray Baptist.  We will also likely be simulcasting our services to enable those who are not physically present with us to watch from home, as we appreciate that age, health conditions and risk tolerance vary widely within our church community. 
Again, we will continue to prayerfully assess the evolving situation, and will keep you apprised of our plans as they develop.  In the meantime, we ask for your continued prayers for wisdom as we move forward in this COVID-19 environment and we invite you to reach out with any questions.    

The Elders of APC