Summer Reading List 2014


Here are five titles you might want to consider this summer as you fill up your beach bag, suitcase or bedside table:


Tokens of Trust by Rowan Williams

The former Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams writes a beautiful and moving introduction to the Christian faith. 


Playing God by Andy Crouch

Is power a good or a bad thing? How do Christians steward our power well? Andy Crouch asks these questions and more in Playing God.


Echoes of Eden by Jerram Barrs

Professor at Covenant Theological Serminary, Jerram Barrs reflects on the relationship between art and faith, asking what it means and why certain works of art move us. 


George Müller, Delighted in God by George Steer

In this year of our APC focus on corporate prayer, Müller’s story is a testimony to the power of prayer.


God So Loved, He Gave by Kelly Kapic

Just used in our adult Sunday School Spring quarter, Kapic’s treatment of the enormity of God’s grace—and our own response—is thought and action provoking.